Basic Game Rules

Basic Mechanic

Sometimes you will have to make a check to see if you succeed at something. You do this by rolling a die, adding in any modifiers, and then announcing the total.

The die you roll is determined by your skills and your level. If you are skilled at something, you may use your whole level to determine the die type. If you are not skilled at something you will use half of your level (rounded down.) Use the following table to look up what die to roll:

Level Die
<1 1D4
1 1D6
2 1D8
3 1D10
4 1D12
5 1D12 + 1D4
6 1D12 + 1D6

Some circumstances will net a static bonus or penalty to your roll. For instance, when you are injured you suffer -1 to all of your rolls.

When you make a check, it will usually be against some other person or thing. In these situations, both parties roll their check and the party with the highest total wins. If the check is against something purely environmental, the success is determined against a target number as follows:

Situation Target Number
Easy 2
Average 4
Hard 6
Daunting 8
Astounding 10
Legendary 12

Fatigue Points

All first level characters have access to 3 fatigue points. As you increase in level, you will gain more. A fatigue point may be spent after you roll the dice to add +1 to the result. You may spend as many fatigue points as you like.

Once exhausted, fatigue points do not return until your character has had a significant chance to rest and recover. Sometimes, if you are roughing it in the wilderness, you can regain a couple of fatigue points by having a meal, grabbing some sleep, or doing some other relaxing things.

Basic Game Rules

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