Class Skills

You are skilled at:

  • Using small weapons in combat.
  • Dodging out of the way of physical attacks.
  • Convincing people you are harmless.
  • Hiding (especially outside.)
  • Finding traps (but not disarming them.)
  • Discovering hidden things.

Starting Traits

Sneaky Bastard

Active trait. Spend this trait when you can take an action and describe how you use a distraction or obscuring terrain to become stealthed.

distraction: Anything that causes observers to avert their senses. This could be caused by another character or event, or even by your own doing. Try screaming, “Look, a monkey!”

obscuring terrain: Stuff that blocks or interferes with line of sight. Hedges, shadows, fog, and crowds of people are good examples.

stealthed: You are not seen. You are not exactly invisible, but people no longer notice you or what you are doing. Generally speaking, you can only slink around and make small noises while stealthed. Doing anything else will break your stealth.

Sticky Fingers

Special trait. Spend this trait while you are stealthed and can take an action to describe how you take something away from someone. If it is something nearby or on their person, they will not notice it is gone until they look for it. Since you are such a skilled thief, you may even take things directly out of someone’s hand, but they will notice this sort of thing rather quickly, and it may even break your stealth.

Lucky Bastard

Special trait. Spend this trait after you roll dice. Pick one of those dice and turn it to any result you want, and then describe how dumb luck changes the outcome of what you were rolling for.


Special trait. Spend this trait when you are pinned, bound, or otherwise held against your will (either physically, socially, or mentally. Describe how you use your small size or stout resolve to become free. If there are guards, they don’t notice that you have freed yourself, and you may immediately spend Sneaky Bastard or take some other action.


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